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About Me and Welcome!
Welcome to my website! I'm Laurie, a mom and wife living in Los Angeles. My hope is that you come to think of me a trusted friend with great advice.
When I first became a mother, I was completely overwhelmed... I couldn't believe how many things I needed for one tiny baby. Not only was there a ridiculous amount of gear, gadgets, and toys I had to buy, but hundreds of choices for each. I had no clue where to begin.  
So in my free moments between feedings and diaper changes, I started researching. Bottles, diapers, pajamas, pacifiers -- I was on it. I didn't buy anything without reading endless user reviews and verifying it was non-toxic. It became my mission to make informed, smart decisions on everything I bought for my child. 

Seeing my obsession, my friends who were moms and moms-to-be started calling me for advice: which stroller should they register for? What toddler car seat is the safest? What's the best swaddle blanket? And what else should they buy?

"Just send me a list!" was their most common request. Nobody had time for detailed explanations. So I sent lists -- and before long, I'd accumulated a LOT of lists of baby stuff. The best teethers, toys, you name it, all arranged by age group.  I'd become a sort of accidental expert -- and I liked it!

Fast-forward past a hundred different people telling me "You should put all this on a website," and here we are now. All my lists are here, in a format that's simple and direct. I personally own or have used every item on HappyHealthyMom, and I love them all.  As for the products I don't like, rather than waste good energy trashing them, they just won't appear here.

Think of this site as your friend who already has a baby and has done all the work for you. Whatever you need, I'm here!
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