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Monthly Must-Haves
himalayan salt lamp




Himalayan Salt Lamp - This is the best kids nightlight. Most of them give off a blue and/or green light. Studies have shown that animals exposed to blue light did not sleep as well and woke up depressed. I love that these give off an amber hue, are on a dimmer, and look good in any room. My kids just think their "rock lamps" are cool.











1000 words




One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses - There are so many board books to help children learn their first words. I love that this one is so much nicer with beautiful illustrations and does the same thing. Makes a great gift.












organic kids face paint




Go Green Certified Organic Face Paint for Kids - Perfect for Halloween and anytime of the year. These paints are the only ones I've found that use 95% organic ingredients and are lead-free. Be careful because a recent study found that most kids make-up contained lead and heavy metals.












manuka honey




Manuka Honey 20+ - This is a must for every family! The minute you or your kids, ABOVE THE AGE OF 1, see even the slightest cold coming on, take one tablespoon in the morning and one at night. Many studies have shown that honey actually works better than cough syrup. It's expensive but worth it. We are obsessed.












lukes organic chips




Luke's Organic Chips - If like me, you spend most of your day thinking of ways to add more protein to your kids diet, you'll love these. Made with lentils and quinoa and tastes amazing. We love all their other flavors as well.













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