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New Year, New Favorites

Start your year off right with our latest favorites.



brushing rinse







Essential Oxygen Plus Peppermint Brushing Rinse - My kids don't let me brush their teeth anymore and they do not do as good a job as they should. I feel better having them swish this in their mouthes right after. Organic with no dyes or chemicals.
















SunSpire Grain-Sweetened Dark Chocolate Chips - I'm obsessed! I put these in cookies and muffins and my kids don't know the difference. You can only tell they aren't super sweet if you eat them plain. 






hape builder set





Hape Basic Builder Set - My almost 3 year old loves screwing things together with the screwdriver and taking it apart with the wrench. Made with non-toxic wood and dyes.










pamela salzman



Pamela Salzman WHOLE WHEAT-ALMOND THUMBPRINT COOKIES RECIPE - I love all her recipes but we've been making these a lot lately. They're maple syrup sweetened and I promise no one will miss the white sugar. My kids get really excited to spoon the jam in.















Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers - I wish they'd had these for my first child. Finally an eco-friendly, chlorine and chemical free diaper that doesn't leak!! 











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