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Our Latest Favorites

once upon an alphabet



Once Upon an Alphabet - My kids love this book. Each letter has their own little story or poem. It's been their go to for a couple months now.












mini perfect bars




Mini Peanut Butter Perfect Bars - Not only do these taste good but they are organic and all natural. They have it in a big bar size but I love these. I throw them in my kids lunchboxes, snack bags, and they are always in my purse.











oxo salad spinner



OXO Salad Spinner - So even though we have hundreds of toys, this is the thing everyone fights over when they come over. They put marbles, blocks, paper, stuffed animals, seriously anything in it and watch it spin.







vega protein powder




Vega Protein Powder - I've tried tons and this is the only one I can put in my kids smoothies and chia pudding and they like the taste. 15 grams of protein per scoop.












hape ukele




Hape Ukele - The perfect sized guitar for little ones. And like all Hape toys it has non-toxic finishes.













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New Year, New Favorites

Start your year off right with our latest favorites.



brushing rinse







Essential Oxygen Plus Peppermint Brushing Rinse - My kids don't let me brush their teeth anymore and they do not do as good a job as they should. I feel better having them swish this in their mouthes right after. Organic with no dyes or chemicals.
















SunSpire Grain-Sweetened Dark Chocolate Chips - I'm obsessed! I put these in cookies and muffins and my kids don't know the difference. You can only tell they aren't super sweet if you eat them plain. 






hape builder set





Hape Basic Builder Set - My almost 3 year old loves screwing things together with the screwdriver and taking it apart with the wrench. Made with non-toxic wood and dyes.










pamela salzman



Pamela Salzman WHOLE WHEAT-ALMOND THUMBPRINT COOKIES RECIPE - I love all her recipes but we've been making these a lot lately. They're maple syrup sweetened and I promise no one will miss the white sugar. My kids get really excited to spoon the jam in.















Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers - I wish they'd had these for my first child. Finally an eco-friendly, chlorine and chemical free diaper that doesn't leak!! 











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Travel Time

The holidays are almost here. It can be stressful flying and traveling with the kids. Below are some of my favorite items to make it easier on you.


Baby's Away - I love this place. Anything you don't want to bring, they will drop off. Great when you're staying at your in-laws or a friends and need a crib, car seat, toys, you name it.


Child Airplane Travel Harness - For the 2.5 and up crowd. This makes the regular seat belt into a five point harness. Much safer! 


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller - The best travel stroller out there. So lightweight and easy to open and close. You can stroll them right up to the plane and then they will check it for you.


Triangle crayons - This and a pad of paper or coloring book will keep them busy for a while. The shape keeps the crayons from rolling off the tray table. 


iPad/iPhone apps - No judgement here. These are some of our favorites.


One Bar - One of our favorite snacks to throw in your bag. No added sugar and one whole serving of fruit.


Manuka Honey 20+ - I never leave home without it. For you and your kids OVER THE AGE OF 1 take a big tablespoon the minute you feel a cold/cough coming on or just once a day when travelling to prevent everyone from getting sick.


Cleanwell All Natural Hand Sanitizer - Alcohol and triclosan free. At only 1oz you can bring them on the plane. And you should.


Artisana Organic Almond Butter packets - I can order toast from room service and this way my kids have a healthy protein filled breakfast.


Baby Spareware - On a long flight or car ride something is going to get spilled or leak. I bring this just in case.


BABYBJORN Travel Crib - Yes most places have pack n plays to give you but this is so lightweight and couldn't be easier to open and close. And you know it's clean.


YumEarth Organic Lollipops - These have been a lifesaver for us when there is turbulence on the plane. It really helps the kid's ears when there is too much pressure.


OXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush - My new obsession. For pacifiers, baby bottles, and water bottles.


Outlet Plugs - It takes just 2 minutes and then you can really relax when they are crawling all over the rooms.


Macrobar - Perfect to throw in your carry on for when the kids are hungry. Organic and all natural. 


Wherever you're going, have fun! 


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Monthly Must-Haves
himalayan salt lamp




Himalayan Salt Lamp - This is the best kids nightlight. Most of them give off a blue and/or green light. Studies have shown that animals exposed to blue light did not sleep as well and woke up depressed. I love that these give off an amber hue, are on a dimmer, and look good in any room. My kids just think their "rock lamps" are cool.











1000 words




One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses - There are so many board books to help children learn their first words. I love that this one is so much nicer with beautiful illustrations and does the same thing. Makes a great gift.












organic kids face paint




Go Green Certified Organic Face Paint for Kids - Perfect for Halloween and anytime of the year. These paints are the only ones I've found that use 95% organic ingredients and are lead-free. Be careful because a recent study found that most kids make-up contained lead and heavy metals.












manuka honey




Manuka Honey 20+ - This is a must for every family! The minute you or your kids, ABOVE THE AGE OF 1, see even the slightest cold coming on, take one tablespoon in the morning and one at night. Many studies have shown that honey actually works better than cough syrup. It's expensive but worth it. We are obsessed.












lukes organic chips




Luke's Organic Chips - If like me, you spend most of your day thinking of ways to add more protein to your kids diet, you'll love these. Made with lentils and quinoa and tastes amazing. We love all their other flavors as well.













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Our Latest Favorites



 wall bumpi


Wall Bumpi


Forget bed rails, this is the best thing ever. They fit right on the bed, are not flame retardant and come in a few different colors. They even have pockets that are perfect for pacifiers, water, and/or stuffed animals. The perfect item when transitioning your child out of their crib.


how to surprise a dad 


How to Surprise a Dad


My kids love this adorable story filled with silly ideas how to surprise your dad.


hemp hearts 


Organic Hemp Hearts


Seriously, you should put these in everything you make your kids. Yogurt, cereal, or on top of berries. Anytime I bake anything now I add these to the recipe as well. It's the easiest way to add protein to their diet.


brown eggs and Jam jars 


Brown Eggs and Jam Jars


My new favorite cookbook. Not only does it have the best and healthiest recipes for kids and adults, but I'm in love with all her pictures. My son loves looking through it and finding things to make.




Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader


I don't know how I lived without these. Amazing for nut butter sandwiches, avocado toast and anything your kids want to make. It makes it much easier for them to spread things.


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