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Chewbeads Mulberry Teether

Love this teether. Cute and colorful and 100% silicone.

Plus no BPA, no phthaltes, no cadmium, lead or metals.

$17 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Sprouts Chill-It Teether
  • Filled with sterilized water, can chill in refrigerator.
  • Contains no BPA, phthalates, or PVC
$11 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Sprouts Cornstarch Hand Teether
  • Made with a cornstarch-based eco-friendly plastic
  • Soft parts made of silicone (that's good)
  • PVC, BPA, and petroleum free
$11 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Sprouts Organic Terry Circus Animal Teether
  • Water-filled ring can be chilled in refrigerator
  • Organic cotton is okay for baby to chew on.
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free
$8 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Sprouts Ring Cool Soothing Teether
  • BPA, PVC, phthalate and nitrosamine free
  • Filled with sterilized water and can be chilled in the refrigerator
$4 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Sprouts Silicone Toothbrush
Hands down the best teether! My 10 month old takes this everywhere with him. The only teether that reaches their gums in the back. 
$8 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Toys Infinity Teether Rattle
  • Different textures in a figure-8
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

$7 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Green Toys Twist Teether Toy
Love this teething toy. So fun for little ones to play with but also feels great in their mouths. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings.
$11 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Grimm's Baby FISH RATTLE - Natural Wood Shaker & Teether
Made with natural (unvarnished) wood, and safe, non-toxic oils. Easy to grasp and makes a little rattling sound.
$22 at
Ages: 3 Months +
Haba Clutching Nanni Toy
  • I think this one is really cute!
  • Teething Ring made of beechwood
$14 at
Ages: 3 Months +
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The main thing I look for in a teether is that it's free of toxins. After that, an easy grip for the child is important. All these fit that bill, and they're the ones Ben and his friends like the most.
Green Tea

Happy Healthy Teething Tip


Make 3 bags of decaf green tea. Cool in refrigerator. Soak gauze strips in the tea. Once cooled, wrap the gauze around your finger and let your baby chew on it and rub it on their gums.

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