I know everyone is obsessed with collagen protein right now. Especially one particular brand. I was about to buy that one but I didn’t see anything saying the cows they used were antibiotic free. After doing some research, I found this one by Antler Farms which I personally think is much better and cleaner.

About the product

100% GRASS FED IN EUROPE - Antler Farms Collagen Protein is made from naturally healthy, European grass fed cows. Most collagen supplements on the market come from blended grass- and grain-fed South American cows treated with hormones (rBGH/rBST) and antibiotics. Our cows are 100% grass fed and live outdoors on green pastures in Europe.

CLEAN SOURCED - Antler Farms Collagen Protein is pure, clean collagen. Our product contains NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO chemicals and NO GMOs. We conduct physical, chemical and bacteriological tests during all stages of processing.

TOP GRADE - Our collagen protein powder is derived from top grade collagen which is carefully extracted from split bovine hides. This native collagenous layer makes the ideal source for high quality gelatin and collagen supplements.

PROCESSED FOR PURITY - Antler Farms uses a hi-tech enzymatic hydrolyzation process to isolate, purify and concentrate collagen peptides. Our premium hydrolyzed collagen is 97% pure protein and contains a unique profile of amino acids beneficial to health.

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