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once upon an alphabet



Once Upon an Alphabet - My kids love this book. Each letter has their own little story or poem. It's been their go to for a couple months now.












mini perfect bars




Mini Peanut Butter Perfect Bars - Not only do these taste good but they are organic and all natural. They have it in a big bar size but I love these. I throw them in my kids lunchboxes, snack bags, and they are always in my purse.











oxo salad spinner



OXO Salad Spinner - So even though we have hundreds of toys, this is the thing everyone fights over when they come over. They put marbles, blocks, paper, stuffed animals, seriously anything in it and watch it spin.







vega protein powder




Vega Protein Powder - I've tried tons and this is the only one I can put in my kids smoothies and chia pudding and they like the taste. 15 grams of protein per scoop.












hape ukele




Hape Ukele - The perfect sized guitar for little ones. And like all Hape toys it has non-toxic finishes.













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