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What We Love Right Now

Below is a list of the current favorites in our house.


Ice Aid Vintage Style Ice Bag


ice pack 


The kids get so excited to use this, it definitely makes the boo boos go away faster. 



Janod Wooden Puzzle




The 9 brightly colored wooden pieces make this the perfect first puzzle.



Eco-kids Eco-dough and Clay Tool Set


eco dough 


My kids can't get enough. A great indoor activity now that's it's getting cold.



Personalized Sandra Boynton Board Book


are you a cow 


So much fun to put your child's name and picture in. They'll want to read it over and over. Also makes a great gift. 



Toy State CAT Tough Tracks, 3-Pack


toy state trucks 


Saying my 18-month-old is obsessed is an understatement. Just the right size and so easy to maneuver.



Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Bubble Bath & Wash 


babo bubble bath 


Getting them in the bath is so much easier when there's bubbles. Especially, non-toxic ones...




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